Hello, I'm Cody

A seasoned software engineer with a strong focus on web development, having over four years of hands-on experience. Throughout my professional journey, I have dedicated extensive hours to acquiring and refining my expertise in programming, problem-solving, and crafting robust software solutions and web applications.

I am committed to continually enhancing my skills as a software engineer. I thrive on the pursuit of writing cleaner and more efficient code, organizing my programs effectively, and staying abreast of emerging technologies and evolving paradigms. My dedication to lifelong learning ensures that I can adapt seamlessly to the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

Hiking and capturing breathtaking landscape videos with my drone is one of my favorite hobbies. I derive a fair amount of joy from integrating these stunning visuals into the web projects I develop, elevating the user experience by incorporating visually captivating media content.

What I do

Front-end Development: I develop responsive, front-end UIs. I will write in vanilla CSS, but I typically use CSS frameworks like bootstrap, material UI, and tailwindCSS. And as for JavaScript, I am an expert in React, and I use it all the time to power rich front-end applications.

Back-end Development: For server applications, most of the time, I use Node.js. I have also used Python for many projects.

Full-Stack Development: I am capable of building full-stack websites and applications, ready to use with a functional front and back-end. I can deploy and maintain these web applications.

Teaching/Mentoring: I deliver 'coding bootcamp' courses on the full-stack technoloiges typically found in the MERN stack. For these courses we touch on many peripheral concepts and tools that assist in developer workflow and application deployment.

My Skills

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I care a lot about high quality and readable code, and I always keep performance, scalability, security, and writing tests in my mind whenever I am programming.
I assume that millions of users would use the software I am building, and hundreds of people would contribute to its source code. code.

Some Projects I've Done

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Contact Me

I am open to new remote opportunites, connections, contributing to projects, collaborating, teaching, helping, and more!

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If you want to contact me through video or voice chat, contact me through email first so we can schedule a call.

How do I offer remote services?

If you need to launch any kind of web application from scratch, you can most definitely count on me.
Or if you need to deploy something into production, improve, modify or add a new feature to your current application, I could help you there as well.
If you have the technical skills, you probably know how it goes. We might contribute to the source code on platforms like GitHub.
If you don't have any technical skills whatsoever, we could start off by talking about your idea and first designing a user interface schema or the product's final look (using an application like Photoshop or Adobe XD). Once you're happy with everything, the development phase will start.

How I can teach you web development and programming?

If you are getting started with something new and struggling to get your head around stuff and have lots of questions, I offer virtual sessions. I will teach you how to improve your current skill or help you get started with a technology, or just do something together.
Maybe you want to start with React and know how to use it in production, or maybe you want to deploy your app and don't know what to do... well, just drop me an email, and let's do it together!

How I can help you with your current project?

If you are designing, building, or launching something, be it a Node.js app, a website, or whatever, and you need help, or you don't have time to do that yourself, I am here for you!